Our menu offers an extensive variety of options to satisfy any palatte. We offer all of our menu options at any time of the day. So if you feel like breakfast for lunch, or lunch for breakfast, or even some dinner options if you just landed from that long flight, we know you'll find what you're looking for here.







Eggs Any Style*

Scrambled, Poached or Fried the way you like, home fries and toast...$7.00

Breakfast Bagel

With scrambled egg, bacon or ham, and cheese...$7.00

Scrambled with Ham & Cheese

Served with home fries and toast ...$8.90

Special Scrambled

Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, green peppers,onion and cheddar, home fries and toast...$8.90

Eggs Felix*

Poached eggs on english muffin with sliced tomato, turkey, avocado, hollandaise sauce served with home fries and melon....$10.20

Breakfast Burrito Grande

Scrambled eggs, sausage, cheddar , tomatoes, onion, gr. peppers in a large tortilla with home fries, and sour cream...$10.90

Eggs Thornton*

Poached eggs on english muffin w/sauteed asparagus, turkey, hollandaise sauce served with home fries and melon...$10.20

Eggs Gusto*

Poached eggs on fried potato halves, filled w/ sauteed spinach, mushroom & bacon, topped with provolone cheese and pesto parmesan sauce, served w/ toast and melon...$10.70

Eggs Oscar*

Poached eggs on english muffin, and crab cake with onion, green beans, and hollandaise served w/ home fries and melon...$10.50

Eggs Salmon*

Poached eggs on english muffin w/ smoked salmon, tomato, hollandaise sauce, home fries, melon and capers $10.50

Eggs Mozzarella

Fresh mozzarella , provolone ,and tomato with scrambled eggs, home fries and toast...$9.40

Eggs Benedict*

Poached eggs on english muffin with ham, topped with a hollandaise sauce served with home fries and melon....$9.70

Italian Benedict*

Poached eggs on grilled focaccia bread with prosciutto and a pesto sauce served with home fries and a melon...$10.20

Morning Delight*

8" round french toast, poached eggs covered with hollandaise, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, and basil...$11.50

The Western

Ham, onion, green pepper omellette style on french bread, served with home fries...$10.90

Eggs Florentine*

Poached eggs on english muffin with spinach, topped with a pesto parmesan sauce served with home fries and melon...$ 9.70

Scrambled with Feta

Scrambled eggs with chopped fresh spinach, mushroom, feta cheese, served with home fries and toast...$9.40

Sunrise Croissant

Scrambled eggs topped with ham and cheese on a croissant, served with home fries...$8.90

Huevos Rancheros

Three fried eggs on tortilla smothered with our own homemade Texas beef chili, cheese, jalapenos and sour cream served with home fries...$10.90


with your choice of strawberry or banana and yogurt...$7.45

Old Fashioned Oatmeal

Brown sugar and milk...$6.95
add fresh fruit +$2.00

Alex's Crazy Two's

2 eggs any style, 2 sausages, 2 strips of bacon, 2 pancakes, 2 toasts, and 2 spoons of home fries... $12.90


Design your own!!! Your choice of tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, olives, ham, bacon, prosciutto, turkey, cheddar, provolone, swiss, served with home fries and toast...$10.90


Hardboiled egg whites stuffed with the mixture of peppers, onions, and egg yolk covered with tomato sauce and cheese, baked and served over rice $9.90

Breakfast Burger

Sausage, eggs the way you like it, cheddar cheese, sandwiched between toasted english muffin served with home fries...$7.90

Smoked Salmon Plate

With a toasted bagel, herb cream cheese, tomato, cucumbers, red onion, capers and a horseradish sauce...$12.90

Scrambled with Prosciutto

Scrambled eggs with imported prosciutto, provolone cheese served with home fries and toast ...$9.90


W/ strawberry, blueberry, apple, banana, Nutella, chicken, or mushrooms ... $8.45


Buttermilk w/ butter & maple syrup ...$7.90
Blueberry or Banana w/ butter & maple syrup ...$8.90
Apple & cinnamon, maple syrup...$8.20
W/ chocolate chips... $8.90

Belgian Waffle

W/Butter & maple syrup...$7.95
W/Strawberry compote or Banana & whipped cream...$9.40
W/Fresh strawberry or seasonal fruit ...$9.40
W/Pecan, butter & maple syrup ...$9.40

French Toast

W/Butter & maple syrup ... $7.95
Stuffed French Toast (Apple, Strawberry, or Cherry Filling )... $ 9.60
W/Strawberry compote. or Banana & whipped cream... $9.60
W/Fresh strawberry ...$9.80
W/ Chocolate chips...$ 9.50

Amaretto Vanilla French Toast

In a special egg mixture of Amaretto , nutmeg & real vanilla topped with sliced almonds and powdered sugar... $9.50

Challah Bread French Toast

W/Butter & maple syrup...$9.50
W/Strawberry or Banana...$10.20


Bagel...$2.00 w/cr. ch...$2.50; Croissant...$2.95; Bacon/ Can. Bacon ...$4.25; English muffin...$1.75; Fresh fruit...$ 6.95; Half grapefruit...$2.95;
Half cantaloupe ...$ 3.75; Toast ...$1.95; Ham...$3.95; Home Fries ...$ 2.95; French Fries...$3.55; One egg...$1.95; Two eggs...$3.15; Sausage...$3.95

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Sandwiches & Wraps


Turkey Croissant Melt

Sliced fresh Turkey on top of a croissant with herb cream cheese, bacon, tomato and melted cheddar served with your choice of side... $9.80


Hot pastrami topped with melted cheese on French bread with mustard and your choice of side...$10.40

Cajun Chicken

Cajun style chicken breasts grilled and blackened on French bread w/lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served with your choice of side...$9.80

Philly Steak Sandwich

Shaved steak topped with sauteed onion, green peppers and melted mozzarella cheese served on french bread with French fries...$10.40

Chicken - Avocado Pita

Sauteed chicken and mushrooms, creamy parmesan sauce, topped with avocado and tomato slices in a Pita pocket. Served with your choice of side...$9.80

Tuna Melt

With melted Swiss, tomato and red onion. Open faced and served with your choice of side...$ 9.80

NY Reuben or Turkey Reuben

Thinly sliced corned beef or turkey topped with melted Swiss, sauerkraut & Russian dressing on rye toast. Served with your choice of side...$9.80

Warm Chicken Salad Croissant

Our fresh chicken salad on a croissant with tomato, melted cheddar cheese and a tangy mayo. Served with your choice of side... $9.80

Boston Best Club

Choose from Turkey, Ham, Roast Beef, Chicken or Tuna salad. Triple Decker with Swiss on white, wheat, or dark rye, with your choice of side ...$10.50

Chicken Parmigian Sandwich

The classic, with marinara and melted mozzarella, on french bread. Served with a french fries...$9.80

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Breaded chicken breast covered with ham and melted swiss with a tangy mayo dijon sauce on a croissant, with french fries ...$9.80

Buffalo or BBQ Chicken Sandwich

Buffalo or BBQ grilled chicken breasts on warm french bread w/ lettuce, tomato and bleu cheese. Served with your choice of side...$9.80

Veggie Burger

Lettuce, tomato, red onion, salsa, avocado,  toasted whole wheat bun, small garden salad... $12.95

Chicken Burger

Freshly ground  seasoned chicken, baked to perfection, lettuce, tomato, red onion,  melted provolone, two of our own sauces. Served with french fries...$12.95

Turkey Burger

Mix of freshly ground dark and white turkey meat, seasoned, baked and covered with melted Swiss cheese, served with lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and house special sauce, with a side of French fries ...$12.95


Proscuitto, fresh mozzarella, tomato, and provolone on pressed panini bread, served with your choice of side...$10.20




Chicken Caesar

Grilled chicken , romaine lettuce , tomato, parmesan cheese served with your choice of side ...$9.90


Turkey, humus, cucumbers, avocado, lettuce, and onions served with your choice of sides...$ 9.50

The Mediterranean

Humus with tomato , onion , cucumbers , Feta cheese served with a side of fruit...$8.50

Lamb Kofte Wrap

Lamb Meatballs in wrap wıth red onion, arugula, tomato, greens, and tzatziki sauce served wıth french fries...$12.90


Deli Sandwich

Choose from white, wheat or dark rye, with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Served with your choice of side.

Ham & Cheese ...$8.40 Roast Beef ... $8.95 Turkey ... $8.95 BLT ... $8.95 Chicken Salad ...$9.30 Egg Salad ... $8.40 Tuna Salad ... $9.30


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Caesar Salad

Small...$6.20 Large...$8.90

Garden Salad

Small...$6.20 Large ...$8.90

Greek Salad

Chunks of Feta cheese, green peppers, red onion, olives, tomato and cucumbers on a bed of crispy salad greens...$10.20

Grilled Salmon Cobb Salad

Grılled salmon, tomato, eggs, olives, Swiss and cheddar cheese all arranged beautifully on top of salad greens ...$14.95

Texas Taco Salad

Our homemade beef chili on top of a bed of lettuce and chopped tomato, onion, green pepper, then crowned with sour cream, salsa, tortilla chips, jalapenos, and cheese ...$10.20

Chicken w/ Spinach & Feta

Hand picked spinach with slices of tomato and red onion topped with chunks of Feta cheese and fresh grilled chicken , plain or Cajun...$10.65

Cajun Salad

Cajun style tender and succulent chicken breast atop a salad of salad greens with peppers, cucumber, tomato, sweet red onion and egg edges...$10.65

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Tender chicken breast or shrimp grilled plain or Cajun style over a large Caesar salad...$10.65

Country Chicken Salad

Breaded chicken breast, pan fried with mushroom and onion on top of salad greens with tomato, cucumbers, peppers, egg wedges and shredded cheese...$10.65

Spinach and Bleu Cheese Salad

Fresh and crisp spinach leaves surrounded with sliced tomatoes and egg wedges, covered with mushroom, bacon and sprinkled with crumbled blue
cheese and walnuts ...$10.65

Stuffed Tomatoes Garden Salad

Two large tomatoes, stuffed with tuna salad and chicken salad baked warm, topped w provolone and cheddar cheeses on a bed of salad greens with green peppers...$10.40

Thornton's Salad

Grilled chicken breast, string beans, red onions, tomato wedges, avocado slices, cucumbers, and carrots on a bed of salad greens...$10.65

Summer Chicken & Fruit Salad

A delicate raspberry vinaigrette yogurt dressing mixed with juicy chunks of chicken , on top of salad greens with sweet red onion, carrots , peppers , sliced strawberries, oranges , grapes and pecans ...$10.65

Tuna or Chicken Salad Plate

Our freshly made chicken or tuna salad atop a bed of salad greens and garden vegetables with red onions and egg wedges...$10.65

The Mediterannean

Pesto chicken, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, Basil, tomatoes served on top of romaine lettuce with oil and balsamic vinegar.. $ 11.20

Chicken Fiesta Salad

Grilled chicken, black beans, corn, onions, tomatoes, spiced with fajita seasoning on tossed salad greens, topped with cheese and tortilla chips...$10.65

Chicken Mozzarella Salad

Tender chicken breast grilled to a moist finish on top of salad greens with slices of tomato, olives, cucumbers, and slices of fresh mozzarella...$11.20


A Lebanese salad with romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, peppers, onion and toasted Syrian bread in a lemon, olive oil, mint dressing...$9.20
W/ Grilled chicken...$11.70

Dressings: Italian , 1000 Island , Ranch , Balsamic vinaigrette , Bleu cheese, Raspberry , Honey Dijon, Caesar.

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All Pasta Dishes Are $11.20


Creamy white sauce, butter, cheese, cream & pepper

Vodka Sauce

Vodka, tomatoes, nutmeg & cream


Meat sauce, tomatoes, peppers


Tomatoes, olives, capers, peppers, sausages, pepperoni, marinara.


Marsala wine, mushrooms, cream


Peppers, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, cream


Basil, Pine Nuts, olive oil, cheese & cream


Eggs, bacon, prosciutto, cream, cheese


Veggies, basil, garlic, parmesan


Mushrooms, cream, walnuts

Danish Chicken

Sauteed chunks of tender fresh chicken breast, tomato, mushrooms in a creamy Danish bleu cheese sauce...$ 13.50

Add chicken to any pasta for an additional $ 1.50

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Homemade with lemon and garlic served with syrian bread, tomato, cucumbers, onion...$7.90

Chicken Fingers

Served with honey dijon sauce...$8.90

Pesto Cheese Bread

Grilled French bread w/ olive oil pesto, sliced tomatoes & melted provolone cheese...$7.20


Crisp nacho chips topped w/ melted cheddar, onions, tomatoes, green peppers & black olives, sour cream & salsa ...$8.95
with chili add $1.40

Fresh Fruit & Cheese Plate

A colorful assortment of fruit with swiss & cheddar cheese & fresh yogurt...$11.50

Cheese Bread

Toasted French bread with melted cheddar and provolone. Served with marinara sauce...$7.40

Pesto Vegetables

A selection of fresh cut vegetables , sauteed in a delicious pesto marinara sauce, sprinkled w/ romano cheese. Served w/french bread ...$9.60

Stuffed Tomatoes

Two large tomatoes, stuffed with tuna salad and chicken salad baked warm, topped w provolone and cheddar cheeses served on tortillas...$9.30


Bacon & Cheddar

Grilled to perfection and served with sour cream and salsa ...$9.30

Ham & Feta

Layers of smoked ham and chunks of melted feta and tomato served with sliced cucumbers ...$9.30

Grilled Chicken

With cheddar cheese served with sour cream and salsa...$9.60

Design Your Own Quesadilla

Your choice of fillings: tomatoes, peppers, onions, chicken, ham, bacon, chili, prosciutto, turkey, cheddar, provolone, mozzarella...$ 8.95

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French Onion Soup

Baked with melted swiss & mozzarella...$7.40

New England Clam Chowder

Cup...$4.80 Bowl...$6.50

1/2 Deli Sandwich & Soup...$8.60

(Sub clam chowder or french onion soup...add $1.50)

Soup Du Jour

Cup...$5.00 Bowl...$6.20

Homemade Texas Chili

Topped with cheese, served with tortilla chips & sour cream...$8.40

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100% Colombian Fresh Brewed Caff/Decaf ( price may change due to market fluctuation) ...$2.95


English Breakfast, Earl Grey, etc...$2.75

Herbal Teas

Mint, Orange, Apple or Chamomile...$2.95

Hot Chocolate...$2.75

Iced Coffee...$2.75

Iced Tea...$2.50

Milk... $2.75

Chocolate Milk...$2.75

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice...$2.25

Cranberry Juice...$2.75

Pepsi Products...$3.00

Sparkling Spring Water...$2.25

Apple Juice...$2.75

Tomato Juice...2.75


Nantucket Nectars...$3.00

Root Beer...$2.50

Spring Water...$2.75


*COOKED TO ORDER (Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness)

Before placing your order, please inform your server if a person in your party has a food allergy


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